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  1. think about it you can do all crimes illegal in gta BUT RAPE? understandable for rockstar but I think we need a gta style hentai game. like gta 5 but you can rape and other sexual crimes. can u imagine as trevor flashing a group of people on the beach lol. The free range, stealing cars and on the weapon wheel you can choose different forms of capsure and torure like using a stun gun or cloraform or duct tape. put emin the trunk of your stolen car and drive away to a safe house or something. option of killing them after or letting them go. What do you think?
  2. considering in hentai they show the girl being raped its probably good that there is not much character devolpment
  3. why is it in anime guys hate to see the girls get raped but in ero games and hentai its okay? like when I watch furture diary or black lagoon and it flashes back to a chick getting raped it kills me. but when its on a hentai or ero game I like it......I think it has to do with character devolpement. its funny with anime I always want the main character to get laid and when he does he ends up dead........example school days. I have 2 other examples but I don't remember the names of the animes
  4. please help ikeep downloading the fileand it still says itsmissing
  5. if its windows 8 or higher then yea that will happen
  6. click the X button and hit enter rapidly at the same time and u can usually get rid of them
  7. can't go wrong with loli lmao
  8. I got to the 2nd chapter then my computer died so I got a new one and restarting this

    Pick Me, Honey!

    I got the ported version of this
  10. I don't like the bad endings. but the only ones I played so far is Horny bunnys and harem party. horny bunnys I cleared the first route and harem party I had 3 save files. each for a different route.......then I got Norton antivirus and for some reason it deleted my saves. so im gonna have to redo em. but my computer has been messed up so I gotta fix the virus I have on it first.

    Sakura Spirit

    im all ages ones....but this one seem good
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