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Polygon Love 2

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Issue im having is 0 nudity, get to any part that involve something being exposed (breast/vagina/penis) and game crashes


other than that its great, but can't do squat after train or if opted to stay on train then it ends at train


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fixed the problem, stripped it of its add ons and then re-added them by sets till i hit the problems, the beach and other locations availible were causing the crash granted still crashes when choosing some of the samurai warrior sets due to somethings are missing.


and just fixed that, found them when i did a stash of some of the sets. great game. also not all anime girls, hits high amount of the greats but missing some. some of the missing i understand such as several from bleach (breast too large to try and use with the model) and Naruto.


also i found out that theirs a lower end pc (if your pc is early xp or before that than this is for you) version of this by same creator, his site is.



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