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  1. Lightning Warrior Raidy I have to say the game was pretty confusing to me, but had me playing non-stop
  2. Anime-mp3,its not the CD but you could download the files individually
  3. Tokyoinsider is my number download spot. The quality is above average (720p) and it's free. You could also choose what type of video file you want to download, but not all types of video files can be found, it depends on the uploader. I've been using Tokyoinsider for about a year and a half now and it's promising.
  4. Tokyoinsider is where I download my subbed anime. If I just want to stream online then I go to Kissanime Tokyoinsider is always updated with the latest anime.
  5. Shana from Cosplay Fetish Academy is considered a tomboy to me
  6. Right now Im playing Deardrops, I think Im almost done with Riho's route so..... Looking forward to finishing the game
  7. Sp4life

    True Love

    Ahhhh... I still remember this, my very first eroge. Loved it!! It brought me into this world. I should play it again
  8. Or if your into j-pop like I am, you could listen to some AKB48 or any of their sister groups. Another j-pop group I like is SCANDAL.
  9. Here we go a picture of my favorite anime character... Voila, Kirisaki Chitoge
  10. Sp4life


    OK, thanks! Cant wait to play now. I actually enjoy eroge like this b/c I actually finish it quickly
  11. Sp4life


    Will I be able to go back the H-scenes after I beat all the routes, or do I have to save before every scene to watch it again? Im just asking because there is no extras or bonus thing on the main menu to view the CG.
  12. Oh yeah, If you have any that have tsundere or himedere characters in it I would like that as well
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