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Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling-

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I became the guardian of a slave girl had been abused by her last owner.

At first things were weird. She was naturally distrusting, but through communication we became friendly.


A bond formed, and we went out together. I bought her clothes, she wore them.


As time passed I began to fall in love with her and she, with me.


This game is about becoming intimate with a slave girl.


LifeWithASlave.rar - 805.1 MB


LifeWithASlave.part1.rar - 200.0 MB

LifeWithASlave.part2.rar - 200.0 MB

LifeWithASlave.part3.rar - 200.0 MB

LifeWithASlave.part4.rar - 200.0 MB

LifeWithASlave.part5.rar - 5.1 MB

Life With A Slave - HCG

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Sounds interesting.


Ivan, if you add a listing of tags (I'm assuming you pull them from vndb.org when you do), I request that you include "Only Avoidable Heroine Rape" which vndb.org includes in its listing. It's that tag that made me give this game a second look.


Anybody who has read any of my comments before knows I object to the needless rape of the heroines for the purpose of just adding another h-scene.

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The application's title bar says ver1.9.2.


The game's built in change log lists as high as version 1.9


On a side note for a game that has gone through 9 revisions (version 1.1, 1.2, etc) and is supposed to be the USA release, why is the built in help menu and changelog STILL in Japanese? (I'm assuming that it's Japanese, but I can't recognize Japanese from Chinese or any other language that doesn't use the English alphabet.)

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I've only barely started playing this game, so I can't be sure yet, but I think you supposed to click on the image of the girl her self to start an action. The control panel to the side only dictates what TYPE of actions to take, not the command to do it.

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Guys, can somebody please help me out ? My problem is during the H-scene when i click action button such as caress nothing happened is there some way to fix this ? Thanks in advance


You click on her body during sex for action to occur when in hands you can touch her in three or four areas when in sex mode theres the penis added but thats about it and you click on her body again and again till she climax in addition her limit is three , hope this helps.

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