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  1. Ray Asakura

    Little Busters!

    You can try running the patch in admin mode. Another thing you can try is switching your system locale to Japanese and running the patch from there. Invalid file handle 32 errors are usually related to missing/corrupted fonts that the game uses so this should serve as a hint to what is causing that error.
  2. I'm glad Shin Koihime Musou is finally getting translated after all these years.
  3. Wait, A-4 is done already?! They really move fast.
  4. I have returned.

  5. Ray Asakura

    Little Busters!

    When do you see this error?
  6. What's the version of the game uploaded here?
  7. happy birthday :cool:

  8. Sorry for the necro guys. I just need to know if there is an ending to this game or not... ... so, is there an ending for this?
  9. Happy Birthday.

  10. I've played Senran Kagura in the VITA and it was worth it for me.
  11. Are you using something like Cheat Engine?
  12. Happy birthday :)

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