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Rebirth:Beware of Mr.Wang

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

The game tells the story of an ordinary young man's love in life. The protagonist is an introverted young man who has been single for more than 20 years and has a beautiful longing for love. By chance, he met that he liked the goddess. After getting encouragement from his friends in the game, he decided to confess to the goddess, and since then he worked hard and studied hard.

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I can't find this on VNDB so I'm sharing the link to steam. I don't usually play puzzle VN, because I prefer reading tons of text rather than thinking how to solve puzzle. But I'll try this one, the synopsis sounds interesting.

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So I checked out the steam link (thanks Black_Lotus), and between the screen shots here, on steam, and the description, I've come to the conclusion this title has a serious genre identity crisis. Is it a modern day slice of life or a medieval fantasy?

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9 hours ago, Black_Lotus said:

I can't find this on VNDB so I'm sharing the link to steam.

Oh, I totally forgot to enable showing of Steam links to users. Should be working for all games that got released on steam that got posted within last year or so. For older titles, I need to manually update records to new format, which will take some time.

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