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Tokimeki Check-in!

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Takayuki Yamano is a boy who simply wishes to break away from his family's tradition, running Yamano Inn, which is a hot spring resort where the most beautiful girls come from miles around for vacation time. One could easily question his sanity, as did his employers. Being rejected for the millionth time, he sadly returns to Yamano Inn to work as manager/butler. You've got three days to choose to follow and woo the girl of your choice.

Download Tokimeki Check-in! English game:

TokimekiCheckIn.rar - 213.0 MB


TokimekiCheckIn.part1.rar - 199.3 MB

TokimekiCheckIn.part2.rar - 13.6 MB

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ok so im diggin this one! there are a lot of girls in this one and i ended up having to look up a guide for it. according to the guide, there is only one bad ending in the game and thats on ayumis path (warning as it contains rape)! so that and the few technical glitches when i ran the program for the first time (fixed the issues with some options in preferences menu) were probably the only complaints i have about this title! with good art style, good character development, and a harem of women to choose from I would definitely recommend this one

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