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  1. I return and then i see amayui being translated... wish it doesn't get dropped...
  2. VNHunter

    Da Capo 3 R X-Rated

    Already had k-lite when i tested this last year but still had no audio on the vids back then... Can play vidz fine on k-lite player but no audio on the vids when in game... Might as well check once i finish my back log of vns... which is filed up... seriously
  3. VNHunter

    Time Tenshi

    All ages... with that art?
  4. bakavun,

    took you 2 years

  5. Stop calling people as idiots, you idiot...


    Well, greetings aside...

    I was busy with work and shit with life...


  6. My iphone 4s can't install discord, dont know why, maybe because it's an old model...

    I dont know much about smartphones and not even interested in the features, aside from games...

    i'm using a samsung galaxy A5, but this is strictly for work related things...

    And about the haruhi, dont underestimate me... i already have those...

    But i'll still try to find out why the heck is wrong with discord or with my iphone

  7. >Still haven't pass by the discord yet


    Look at all the spicy Haruhi spams you're missing : D





  8. nice to meet you to no problem :cool:

  9. Tnx for d add... though i'm rarely around because of work nowadays... nice to meet ya

  10. I will join later, when this freaking rain stops, you know that my internet sucks specially in rainy days...

    And oh, i missed you people too

  11. VNH join us in discord \o/ i missed u :c

  12. So many titles to catch up on... Glad to see this section still lives on
  13. I'm back, for now.. thanks

  14. VN I MISS YOU : (((


    Join us this Christmas : D



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