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April 26th, 2032 A.D. - Megalopolis Tokyo - 00:12 in the morning


A total lunar eclipse occurs for the first time in 3 years. Even though it's supposed to be a simple astronomical phenomenon, it soon sets off a series of unexpected events. Unexplainable mysteries, terrorist incidents, and network crime surge as if in unison. The truth mixes with lies, as if the world is awake but still sleeping.


Something has begun. Somewhere no one can see. Something no one knows about.


This is a story of the chance meeting and tragic parting of the young men and women living in this world. Players get to play the game from 4 different points of view:


Route A - Hinata, a youth who has lost his sister and himself.

Route B - Ishtar, a freelance programmer and leader of a hacker team.

Route C - Ishtar, but seems a bit different from the Ishtar in Route B....

Route D - He, a man completely shrouded in mystery.


And thus..


"The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning"

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wow 400+ mb for english patch, whats make it that big, I wonder?


hard coded fonts, external patches (like voice patches) edited images, re-encoded videos (for karaokes)

thsoe are examples though, there's a multitude of reasons why it's so big a patch.

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I have a problem with the text in the game not disappearing and overlapping. Someone else with the same problem?


From Lemnisca Translations Official Site:




Note: The following are bugs we were unable to fix. PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU PLAY TO AVOID SAID BUGS.


1. If you save a game on textbox 4 or more lines long, close the game, and reload it, the text display will not display properly if you reload on that save, but will be back to normal on the next save. To avoid this, please save only on textboxes that are 3 or fewer lines long.


2. If you save a game on a textbox 4 or more lines long and reload that save mid-game, the textbox will be “stuck” in that size until you come across a textbox that’s the same size or bigger than the current textbox, where things will then display normally again. To avoid this, please save only on textboxes that are 3 or fewer lines long.


3. If you try to click or press Enter during a continuous sound effect (a sound effect that “pauses” the text as it plays out), the game will crash. To avoid this, please do not press anything while a continuous sound effect is playing and wait for it to finish.


3b. However, there is one exception to the above rule- in the Route B’ scene “authentication”, there will be a bit where the sound of typing loops. To break the loop, click and the game will continue normally.


4. If you are using Windows XP, a bug will occur where the text will overlap during playing. There is no fix for this other than to upgrade your OS.

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