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  1. "Spring 2023 at the earliest" was about the last timeline update they gave I think? I remember reading a reddit posts back then that said they have some issues in programming, but as it turn out it was more about TLC/QC stuffs because the main guy wanted to verify things himself but got busy IRL or something like that, dunno if that's still a case now. Aiyoku's vndb discussion page had someone (at least claim to be) from QC team hype things up a little bit, but it was back in January. From the look of it, it seems they locked the thread and not deleting it? Maybe you ca
  2. anyone got these problems when playing Clover Days where the game just keeps skipping dialogues and can't be stopped (you can't even do anything to stop it other than force close the game), and you can't even change the settings other than the sound settings? I tried to re-download the game from different source but the problem persist for some reason.
  3. According to vndb's description, it was an event that will triggered when you start the game on specific IRL time/date, so if what you mean by event was an in-game story events, it has nothing to do with it. I assume it was something like Majikoi's game-close scene that only played when you close the game.
  4. nicetomeet

    Ayakashi Gohan

    we got one actually Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku. it should be on this site too somewhere
  5. nicetomeet

    Chrono Clock

    thanks a lot!
  6. yeah, I expected this reaction the moment I saw that announcement well, let's see what they will give us this time... one thing though, IIRC, moenovel started a new project too months, months ago, right? How's it going?
  7. Ah you're right, my bad, seems like I mistake 己 (oneself) as 已 (stop, halt) , their differences almost unnoticeable to me... so yeah, the first sentence meant, someone (in this case '私') on top of the other one.
  8. based on my understanding, 私はそっと已を重ねた = I gently put (my hand) on top of her 彼女の手を握り、見詰める彼女へ = (Then) I grip that hand of her, (as I) staring into her something like that, I'm quite confused about 已 part, but the context should be about I (私) gently put something (possibly a hand?) on top of her
  9. exactly how I feel... reading all-ages while knowing there's 18+ one feels like something missing, but.. not like we have another choice
  10. nicetomeet

    Free Friends 2

    thanks, I've been waiting for this!
  11. Hmm, any news about Seinarukana? It's already near the end of September.... few bonus H-scenes can mean a world if it for the heroine I like though :3
  12. I think no one mentioned this yet, and it'll popped out in this week update anyway but, here you go, July update for KoiChoco https://basicvntls.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/its-still-july/
  13. nicetomeet

    Free Friends

    just finished this, a pure love end one, love the ending~ btw, anyone know where they put the save files? edit: nvm, already found it..
  14. http://puu.sh/iOUwy/677c890525.jpg just found this pic, gonna make this my wallpaper for a while
  15. I think they said something like preparing for 3D model to increase your experience with Chocola and friends.. maybe they will use it for Nekopara 2
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