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  1. According to vndb's description, it was an event that will triggered when you start the game on specific IRL time/date, so if what you mean by event was an in-game story events, it has nothing to do with it. I assume it was something like Majikoi's game-close scene that only played when you close the game.
  2. nicetomeet

    Ayakashi Gohan

    we got one actually Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku. it should be on this site too somewhere
  3. nicetomeet

    Chrono Clock

    thanks a lot!
  4. yeah, I expected this reaction the moment I saw that announcement well, let's see what they will give us this time... one thing though, IIRC, moenovel started a new project too months, months ago, right? How's it going?
  5. Ah you're right, my bad, seems like I mistake 己 (oneself) as 已 (stop, halt) , their differences almost unnoticeable to me... so yeah, the first sentence meant, someone (in this case '私') on top of the other one.
  6. based on my understanding, 私はそっと已を重ねた = I gently put (my hand) on top of her 彼女の手を握り、見詰める彼女へ = (Then) I grip that hand of her, (as I) staring into her something like that, I'm quite confused about 已 part, but the context should be about I (私) gently put something (possibly a hand?) on top of her
  7. exactly how I feel... reading all-ages while knowing there's 18+ one feels like something missing, but.. not like we have another choice
  8. nicetomeet

    Free Friends 2

    thanks, I've been waiting for this!
  9. Hmm, any news about Seinarukana? It's already near the end of September.... few bonus H-scenes can mean a world if it for the heroine I like though :3
  10. I think no one mentioned this yet, and it'll popped out in this week update anyway but, here you go, July update for KoiChoco https://basicvntls.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/its-still-july/
  11. nicetomeet

    Free Friends

    just finished this, a pure love end one, love the ending~ btw, anyone know where they put the save files? edit: nvm, already found it..
  12. http://puu.sh/iOUwy/677c890525.jpg just found this pic, gonna make this my wallpaper for a while
  13. I think they said something like preparing for 3D model to increase your experience with Chocola and friends.. maybe they will use it for Nekopara 2
  14. already? possible summer release might be true then... great
  15. Strike the Blood is teaser in Baka-Tsuki site, and was dropped since Yen Press licensing it so it might be quite hard to find another TLed version or pdf files because not every LNs in Baka-Tsuki have their pdfs I has link to raw files if you want it (though for now only up to vol 10), or another option... wait 'till Yen Press abandoned it for years so Baka-Tsuki folks will resume it again... like Hidan no Aria case
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