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  1. This vn has some interesting cg. When you see it...
  2. Left girl's left breast is completely wrong. I want to have a long talk with whoever drew this.
  3. Katakana is rarely used since it's reserved for foreign words, but kanji and hiragana are always used for both vns and... well, everything. Some texts have furigana that's a little help to read kanjis which consist of small hiragana characters above/next to the kanji, like when it says 山 you'll see やま next/above it so you know it's "yama" (mountain), this makes it very easy to learn kanji as well btw.
  4. I used a Ds game (yes, for real) called My Japanese coach which was a pretty good introduction to the language (game I didn't finished because of reasons), I also used some podcasts from NHK World and I've got a few japanese friends who help me with the questions that eventually arise, so far I can't just say I'm good at it but I can at the very least understand both oral and written japanese. So yeah, just take something you like (reading, videogames, videos, audio) and search for something you can learn the language with it, as long as you keep on involving yourself with the language and
  5. How about learning japanese?, figuring your way around a auto translator will let you read a few novels but learning japanese will help you a lot trough your life (I mean, you'll be able to add a extra language to your resume!). Not to mention it's a very fun language to learn, it's a pain in the ass sometimes but it's worth the try.
  6. I don't know if it's just me but I felt a lot of things watching the VN that I'm sure I wouldn't have experienced by watching a anime, it would ruin the awesome experience; I've watched several sad animes by now but no one of them managed get me down so much as that novel, if you get the chance you should by all means play the novel instead, as Ivan said it's very short. And after reading it you should watch the "after story" which was cut off the game , it managed to move me to tears which isn't something any other story has been able to do so far.
  7. Maoh

    Nurse Love Addiction

    There are things not meant for the human mind to know.
  8. If it was a wrong password nor rar or 7zip would let you extract at all, check the size of the files you have and compare it to the size of the original links to see if one of them is corrupted. That game is kinda recent, I'm 100% sure it has not password.
  9. There is no password. If you're using 7zip, it sometimes prompts the password field even though it doesn't needs it, just leave it empty and click ok or something.
  10. Sonico stuff (other than fan made shit) is never H rated, which is pretty cool actually.
  11. Just focus on what you're doing and close everything else, anoying ads will follow you everywhere so you might as well get some practice in evading them.
  12. I may be wong but... did you tried running 恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe? I mean, you first extract, then you run the english patch and select the folder you just extracted (the one where the .exe's are), and then just run 恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe I'm pretty sure it should wok like this.
  13. Maoh

    Sakura Dungeon

    Female protagonist, Sexual content, Yuri. Damn, wish recent games had those three tags more frequently.
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