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    Souji is a doctor. He has a secret that his another personality comes out when he examines a female patient. When it appears, he only thinks of having sex with her. He can't control it. He quit his job before, but he is employed by a hospital and starts working there. "I really hope it never comes out again...."

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    1. karmakarma's Avatar
      karmakarma -
      The patch only translates the menus right?
    1. ale137's Avatar
      ale137 -
      probably, i tried instaling it with both the recomended and regular version and in both the game was it japonese
    1. nblade's Avatar
      nblade -
      Copypasta from Hongfire...

      EROI3D HF Patch

      This patch is for EROI3D by FULLTIME and installs English translations, uncensor and no dvd as well as other essentials made by the awesome modders at HF.

      EROI3D HF Patch version 1.0 includes:

      Interface Translation v1.1 by MarC0
      English Launcher by MarC0
      Full Uncensor v5 by rsei1978
      Extra Character and Maps by MarC0
      Full Save by dud
    1. tokko1's Avatar
      tokko1 -
      i'm having the same problem everything is still in japenese too
    1. ale137's Avatar
      ale137 -
      Interface Translation v1.1 by MarC0
      English Launcher by MarC0

      so this means that the game isnt translated, only the interface??
    1. tokko1's Avatar
      tokko1 -
      darn it i want to play but its annoying if it's in japanese
    1. tokko1's Avatar
      tokko1 -
      is there a patch that translates the story then since this one doesn't?
    1. switch's Avatar
      switch -
      im a doctor and i approve this
    1. jasonthe13's Avatar
      jasonthe13 -
      theres alot of FULL translated ILLUSION games other than this. AG3, AA, BoxHako, SexyBeach3 lololololol HomeMate, SchoolMate lalalalalalal so many 3d games all in english
    1. tokko1's Avatar
      tokko1 -
      can you post some links or something so i can find these games? i don't trust all the stuff i find on google or yahoo half the time it's not what it says it is.
    1. Miroku74's Avatar
      Miroku74 -
      The guys at HongFire rox my sox.
    1. Soupkitten's Avatar
      Soupkitten -
      It would really be awesome if they fully translate it. I can't even download the Eroi 3D HF patch of off the link from original translator.
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