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  1. i think it does that sometimes when you have multiple pages of the site open and somehow when 1 login the other logouts out........it gets fix once you relogin refresh everything thou lol
  2. i hope manga gamer picks up rance 9 and 10......i wont mind buying rance 8 9 10 lol
  3. Dies irae - R-18 version released oh crap its ready?
  4. Should play using the newer muv luv extra that came out
  5. jasonthe13

    ChuSinGura 46+1

    will there ever be restoration patch haha
  6. jasonthe13


    its not done yet haha they removed it because its leaked
  7. Tonya has a weird....creepy face for me in her route....completely ruin her character for me lol...
  8. i downloaded 100+ Vn's from here and never encountered a single virus :v
  9. i like the story 1 of the ost is kinda nice for me
  10. jasonthe13

    Beat Blades Haruka

    sad the game crash for me even after applying update T...T
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