• Fading Hearts

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    “I am Ryou, a daydreamer and a student at Cyrstal Waters High. I have two very close female friends, Claire and Rina. I have a crush on my childhood friend Claire but she is already in a relationship. Rina seems to be attracted to me but… I can’t date Rina when I like Claire. I am a very idealistic but romantic kind of guy. It’s a complicated problem.

    When I realized that Claire was suffering from an abusive relationship, everything changed. There was nothing Rina or I did that could get her out of it. There was one last resort. Breaking my romantic ideals to save Claire, I had to learn the art of seduction.

    The only thing was… I started to learn that there was something going on in this town. Rumors of creatures running around at night, a close call, and a textbook history that doesn’t add up. Even Claire and Rina are connected somehow. Between finding out what is really going on and saving Claire, I don't know if I could manage both.

    If only I could stop daydreaming so much then I might have some time. Why are my daydreams so strong now when I need to focus?”

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    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      a must read

      it's amazing
    1. nblade's Avatar
      nblade -
      Fun game which is why played to death years ago (2009).
    1. Outpost Omega J's Avatar
      Outpost Omega J -
      It sure sounds like a good read. But why is it the best reads are usually "all ages"? If I just wanted a good read I would (and do) go to the bookstore.
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