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So i got into to making models recently and its pretty fun and i decided i wanna share my handy-work,i buy models every so often and when i have completed it ill upload


a picture ill put by kaze so you wont think i got it of google(even the image search feature should do the job for me) the models im currently into are gundam ones.


Also ill put info about the model like what anime its from,its model number and it's pilot and maybe some history as well as my personal opinion on it,please tell me your


thoughts on it if you can and how well i made the model itself as well has what would make it look better/cooler .Thnx


PS: You can join if you'd like, make your own ANIME model and post a pic too(has to be made by you) or post a pic of a figurine or figurines that you own you want to show, if you want to see a certain model or figurine post a link to it and ill TRY to buy it.

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2014-03-30 15.28.54.jpg


The First and my favorite Gundam: God Gundam/Burning Gundam/ Model#: GF13-017NJII/ Pilot: Domon Kasshu/ Info: The final gundam for domon to receive, was specially made for the Gundam Fight Finals/ My Opinion : Again my favorite gundam i love the design ,look , its techniques and its martial arts inspired fighting style its also my first Model didn't do too well on the model as i lacked the proper tools so ill buy another when i have better tools.

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Just got my hands on 2 gunpla kits from HK. First one is MSN-001X gundam delta kai (HG) and the other one is GAT-X207 Blitz gundam (MG) but I just need to find the time to actually build them. I do have a few kits that I built over 10 years ago but they are so bad I would show them to anyone.

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Model : MSN-001X Gundam Delta Kai

Series: Gundam Unicorn

Notes: doesn't actually show up in the anime or ova. It is seen in the Gundam Unicorn game and manga.

It has two forms normal MG form and Waverider form


Freshly built and had fun building it. It was simple and straight forward but both V antennas snapped and had to be glued back on.

Should I do detail lines? If so any tips?

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Gundam: Shining Gundam

Pilot: Domon Kasshu

Model#: GF13-017NJ

Series: G Gundam

Notes: Domon's first gundam used in the preliminary fights, it met its end in battle and will be missed, though i believe they repaired it and its just resting in its hangar.

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Gundam: Freedom Gundam

Pilot: Kira Yamato

Model#: ZGMF-X10S

Series: Seed/Seed Destiny

Notes: Never watched the show and i don't think i will but the gundam's design looks really cool and i love the wings, my guess is it majors in long range combat and high speed aerial maneuvers, also its full burst mode is cool too.

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Gundam: Strike Freedom

Pilot: Kira Yamato

Model#: ZGMF-X20A

Series: Gundam Seed Destiny

Notes: Basically the upgrades version of Freedom, the the model is RG just like freedom but again to lazy to apply the stickers,the gundam model looks real nice the wings especially but since its heavier than the gundam its self which makes it a pain to pose. Another cool looking Gundam, a great edition to my collection.

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I started building that non-bandai model and...well, it's a completely different dimension from Bandai models. The parts are smaller, they don't just fit together and need glue/cement, and the kit would look pretty crap straight out of the box so I'll need to paint it. I've been cementing the head together.



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