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  1. Happy birthday : D



  2. We've got a lot more users now! We also have a bot now which can assign you a role/color. The commands are: .lsar - For a list of self assignable roles .iam rolename - Assign yourself this role .iamnot rolename - unassigned for this role We are adding more roles, But for now you can atleast be an Onii-chan!
  3. hey all! You might remember me! We've created a discord server for erogegames so we can hang out with eachother! If you've been sleeping under a rock for the past few months and have no idea what Discord is, don't worry! Discord is comparable to teamspeak, It has it's voice channels and text channels. But it's incredible lightweight(it can even be used from the browser with no sign up) with great sound quality. It focuses more on the social aspect, Like adding friends, and using group calls. It's being updated quite regularly and has been my standard voip solution for a few months
  4. http://i.imgur.com/zc5kMwJ.jpg
  5. Bunny black 3 is not translated though.
  6. [Japanese] [130621] [softhouseChara] Bunny Black 3
  7. The drama in her and Sena's route feel really forced and silly. Like there had to be drama for the sake of it but they could't find something good.
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