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    Didn't see this coming, kinda forgot about it.
  2. There are a few,cant quite remember them since I only looked at the summaries. I say looking at anything by Black Lilith, they're well known for dark messed up stuff, bound to be a sociopath one in there some where.
  3. this game has become so fucked in its execution, i like it, fluffy i dare you to dare someone else to dare someone else to tell us their most embarrassing moment
  4. Did you follow the steps that Pasa posted above? if so, then screenshot it please,a bit more details would help too.
  5. I feel like when people make this kind of request is because they haven't bothered to type it into google and would much rather just wait for people to do it for them, but whatever. here you go: [Full Game] Rance Quest - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums
  6. Kaze


    Kaze- DBZ raging blast(1 and 2) , naruto UN storm revolution, MK9 - all for ps3
  7. Yo! After getting the idea in the shout box,i was curious about what Vn,Anime or Manga has made anyone here cry, what scene? what route? what moment? what page/chapter? from tearing up to full on crying,tears rolling down your face so much you can taste the salt in each one. So yeah,tell me the name of the vn/anime/manga and why it made you cry, also for the sake of those who have yet to read them or watch them,PLEASE USE SPOILER BOXES! [.spoiler] *insert whatever* (just remove the period),even if its not really a spoiler,make one anyway,please and thank you.
  8. The whole aspect of the comedy/slice of life start to a VN is that: 1) It lets you get a feel for the characters of the story, letting you get attached to them and understanding why they react to certain dramatic situations the way they do. 2) Starting of with drama or having drama early on wont really make much sense as this is usually when the characters get to know each other and become closer, otherwise its like saying:"Hi my name is Kaze, nice to meet you" and then the other character says "MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEAAAD!!!", this is true in real life too, you usually don't just meet some
  9. if its a game then try Final Fuck or Queens Axe [Full Game] Final Fuck, The Lady Warriors - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums [Full Game] Queen's Axe - Page 16 - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums though its more ryona but hey its "sex fighting" and some enemies are girls. They both play like Final Fight but with sex
  10. It's from a gag manga parodying Tsukihime, where the Mc shiki is a lolicon and trying to have sex with ren/len....hilarity ensues. here if you wanna read the whole thing https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/15690?pool_id=240
  11. Kaze


    This game is much smaller then i expected when looking at the tags attached to it.
  12. Happy birthday kaze<3

  13. Game first noted on this site as of :Today
  14. The chosen cloth,the guardian that covers the door of light,the sacred garments of power,PANTIES! what are your favorites? Describe them or show a pic (bras work too as long as the panties are visible, pics must be of anime,manga, vn,or drawn anime characters)
  15. Yo,so Outpost you know this is pointless,you say this stuff but you cant hold everyone to your expectations or morals, especially on the internet i think ppl made some light jokes about you when you first came here with the whole dragon thing and made some light fun of you, then from there it seems you took it too hard and acted ,well like this, anywhere you go on the internet someone is going to make fun of you, that's just how it goes, either you deal with it or not, plus everyone here who has commented so far are cool people if you know how to take a joke or a few insults like they can, wou
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