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It is just a non completed patch for all the bug fixes. Think they released it just to try to sate some of the anger over how long the whole process is taking. Once they get this patch worked out fully and release it then maybe the patch to restore the censored content can be worked on and put out. Who knows how long that will be though. With being so busy during the holidays, decided I'll just wait for everything to be released before I start back up.

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Patch fails to write files even though it sees them there. anyideas? This is irritating me.

It gives me the message "All files accounted for. Access Denied (x3) Patching..."


Then it shows (xdelta3: file open failed: write: The system cannot find the path specified.


Does that 8 times once for each file. Then it says "The system cannot find the file specified." (x4)


Then it says "Files patched! Enjoy your game. press any key to continue.


BTW, I did patch the game to 1.01e so that isnt the issue. I followed the instructions and still this happens

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Please please write how to get a "Substitute" - KOKORO ending) With all her H-scenes ^__^


There also must be somewhere a "threesome" H-scene with Kokoro and her friend - a girl that she always talk by the telephone (who sleep with her Teacher). How to find it?


Also what is in "When the Asure Flew Down" route? Some tell that there must be also H-scenes with Kokoro, but that is "bad ending"... Any one knows?

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Yes, do you have an issue with torrents? nyaa.se is a pretty trusted torrenting website if your concern is viruses. Bitdefender and Malwarebytes found no threats.


Long story but yeah I do. Suffice it to say not a road I'm going down again. I'll just have to be patient, went and bought Clannad on steam so can busy myself with that for awhile anyway.

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Please I need help, when I doing that entire katsura family ending .... in chapter 2 it still end with youko.... it seems like choices dont appeares and i dont know what to do.... I have patch.... thanks for your help
thats right,

you will "get" the katsura in Episode 3 and it Not really different then the riped fruit ending

before you get the katsura family makoto will date kiyora and it is more a ending with the mother and not the whole family


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Finally gotten around to getting the patches all done for this awhile back so going to be checking on finished routes to see if they all still work the same as before or not. Was thinking of doing an updated version of the walkthrough but not sure if I'll have the time but if you want individual routes let me know and I'll send them along in PM's for now.

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Kokoro's route choices r 99% correct


[ep.1] 1

[ep.2] TO,X,TO,X,1,2,2,1,1,TO,1,[2],1,1,1,2,2,2,TO,1,X,TO,1 ,2,2,2,2,2,1,2,1,2

[ep.3] 2,X,2,1,TO,2,2,1,1,X,1,TO,X,2,2,2,2,2,1,1

[ep.4] 2,2,2,1,2,X,2,1,X,X,2,1,1,TO,1,1,TO,TO,TO,2,2,TO,X ,1


the only error was on episode 2 choice 12

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