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  1. Happy Birthday and may your wishes and dreams come true!

  2. Oh man, completely forgot about Da Capo III
  3. Pasa is the hero we deserve.... too bad he chose the wrong person to praise
  4. Hey now, Yuri is never meh, how dare you!
  5. Oh nice, another all ages project with no hopes for a +18 release, joy:(
  6. I think there is a missing Kokoro ending.... a rather bloody one, either that, or Im missing a recent patch
  7. (=_=) I'M... WATCHING... YOOoouu... *smacks birthday cake on zx face*

  8. Happy Birthday~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy birthday and stuff <3<3<3

  10. So, do I have to play certain routes to unlock Kokoro? because it seems that the choices just dont pop up in Chapter 2..... ..... ..... Hey, why are you people looking me like that?
  11. XaNaToSzX


    Faith in humanity slightly restored
  12. Say, is someone even translating Majioki A?
  13. Damn, can't top rah's Bday wishes... :p still, happy birthday! :)

  14. Todays is your B in my time zone and long by in yours. Hmm... what kind of paradox is this.


    "Something that is but isn't"

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