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    I am Raidy, wandering this continent of Else far and wide as an adventurer. I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the "Lightning Warrior". Why am I standing here in front of this tower, you ask? The cause lies in the village of Saad that I visited recently. I got there to find it in decay, deserted and transformed almost completely into a ghost town...

    Apparently it became that way due to the monsters living in this tower. They'd been stealing away all of the young maidens from the village, and none of the men who went to rescue them ever returned... a harsh and terrible tale. Being who I am I could't hear that story and stand by idle, so now I find myself here, facing the tower...
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    1. sora21345's Avatar
      sora21345 -
      fuuuuuuuuuck man it wont let me download part 3
    1. ninibibi's Avatar
      ninibibi -
      i can not play this game WHY?
    1. LanThief(HUN)'s Avatar
      LanThief(HUN) -
      Thx for the info Mr.Ivan. Btw isn't that Kareha Senpai from Shuffle VN series
    1. Dio Brando's Avatar
      Dio Brando -
      Quote Originally Posted by LanThief(HUN) View Post
      Thx for the info Mr.Ivan. Btw isn't that Kareha Senpai from Shuffle VN series
      So that blonde girl in Ivan's avatar is from Shuffle , that's good to know :]
      one mystery solved.
    1. LanThief(HUN)'s Avatar
      LanThief(HUN) -
      Don't tell me you didin't know that @Dio Brando
    1. stkrge's Avatar
      stkrge -
      ninibibi for play raidy use program daemon tools maunt the image file or iso file install if need crack use and then replace play it fine
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