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    The Goddesses Descend!

    It was a time when people had forgotten their dreams and lost faith. The silhouettes of goddesses revealed themselves to the people who then could only believe in what they saw right in front of them.

    The confusion surrounding the countless goddesses appearing in Japan could be explained due to Amaterasu Okami wanting to teach the goddesses about the human world.

    All of this brought about the implementation of the Divine Education Act. A year passed and the numerous goddesses and humans got to learn about each other, got to know one another, and came to a mutual understanding.

    The subculture holy land and heart of Divine Idol culture, known as Akihabara, housed the seven lucky goddesses that dominated as idols in L☆SEVEN.

    Next Generation Goddess Auditions!
    Divine Idol chicks, go on to spread your wings!
    A glamorous and splendid contest, what a goddess's dreams are made of, is being held.

    Laugh, grow, and even cry with the goddesses who descended from the sky and are aiming to become top level idols.

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    1. ocbluebear's Avatar
      ocbluebear -
      Everything about this game is good (graphic, story, voices and so on).. Except they didnt remove the 18+ content.. It was never there to begin with... They made the game over sexified and left out the juicy stuff.. im sry, dont get the point in that? if the point aint to piss off customers.. anyhow.. ty for upload

      No just wanted to add that there wont be any 18+ patches for this (to much work to be done, not like normal games just turn off the h-scenes)
      maybe an 18+ DLC ^^ who knows
    1. TheRetroGoat's Avatar
      TheRetroGoat -
      Yeah, I tend to be a bit confused when a PC VN is just plain ecchi. There's no restrictions against making an AO Vn, unless this is a Steam title. But whatever, it does look neat.
    1. Devspar_Zero's Avatar
      Devspar_Zero -
      Should we add a new tag? Cockblocker? Just-a-tease? Nukige-wannabe?
    1. tosla's Avatar
      tosla -
      Is anyone having problem with Anti-virus software? I bought this game from Steam as well but just like this version here my Norton Antivirus gets deleting the executables because it detects "heur.advml.b".
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