• Lunaris Filia ~Kiss to Keiyaku to Shinku no Hitomi~

    Lunaris Filia~キスと契約と深紅の瞳~
    Two important childhood memories: one that mustn’t be forgotten, and one he’ll never forget. These are the memories of Sousuke’s childhood encounters with two important women in his life: the now-forgotten vampire princess Silvia, and his always-close-by childhood friend Yukari. Now, many years later, Silvia returns as promised to fulfill her blood pact with Sousuke, but things didn’t go as planned. Not only does Sousuke not remember her, but his blood has been “tainted” by another vampire without him knowing it. To a vampire, the relationship with their contracted partner is a lot like a “first love”, and it’s totally forbidden and taboo for another vampire to “steal” someone under another vampire’s pact. Unfortunately, the vampire responsible — someone very close to Sousuke — doesn’t appear to be aware of what she did. Before Sylvia can forcibly undo the improper blood pact to restore her own, Sousuke’s father proposes a special arrangement: since the blood pact depends on the mutual feelings of the contractor and contracted, within the next lunar month whoever Sousuke comes to love most will keep their contract. Not happy with the way things are going, Sousuke’s (adopted) younger sister Mai declares suddenly that she’s entering the “game” as well in order to protect her beloved older brother from these vampires. Sousuke’s peaceful days are over…

    Lunaris Filia~キスと契約と深紅の瞳~ download:

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    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      thank you thank you thank you

      i was waiting for ever for this game

      it's finally here
    1. Yuuki Chandra's Avatar
      Yuuki Chandra -
      All hail Admin-Sensei.

      I never Imagine you will upload it really soon.
      Thanks for the good VN.
    1. Schwert1120's Avatar
      Schwert1120 -
      banzai not translated yet hopefully it does in near future
    1. andiloso's Avatar
      andiloso -
      Wow Downlading it now! It seem like it will be a great game.
    1. Ragna-the bloodedge's Avatar
      Ragna-the bloodedge -
      Does anyone knows if it is already being translated (forgive me for the bad english)
    1. Gerard the Lone Wolf's Avatar
      Gerard the Lone Wolf -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ragna-the bloodedge View Post
      Does anyone knows if it is already being translated
      No. There's no translation project for it.
    1. FateHatesMe's Avatar
      FateHatesMe -
      For now just try to get through this with the help of imperfect machines and the little Japanese dialogue you know from watching to much anime. :'D What a sad world to live in with out many translators and knowing the fact that you don't know Japanese makes you regret so much.
    1. tsuciya's Avatar
      tsuciya -
      need walkthrought for true ending
    1. napoleon's Avatar
      napoleon -
      damn howd i miss this one
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