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  1. whats the diffrence between the non fandisk and fandisk i was looking at guide and this game dsent require one kinda confused
  2. can someone give me a link on nyaa torrents for this if its up yet ?
  3. has the full download on nyaa torrent yet? if so please give me a link to download since that itl take a while to do it seperately
  4. Schwert1120

    Tokyo Babel

    mm pretty sure this has a 18+ version guess the english wont get it o.o or rather get translated? ill give this a go aswell looks interesting
  5. might be late but try adding adblock into ur chrome or firefox wateva ur using? might helped it block ads popups and such
  6. Schwert1120


    im confused about the comments happening here so the english patch actually disables H scenes? if smeone can kindly clear it up will b most appreciated
  7. Schwert1120


    im having problems with the english patch i copied the patch3.xp3 into the game folder but wen i went start the game as in click start on the game still shows kanji or watever they use Edit: fixed already
  8. Schwert1120


    this caught my attention 2 lol is it similar to err koihime musuo? gameplay
  9. is this the psp version or is this for pc? im thinking pc coz of its size of file also is this the right thing i dont know about the description but will this b ok NT > Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate / Koichoco / ??????????? [English Patched] Edit it: it works just fine on windows 8 on this link just press start enter serial key and ur good 2 go windows 10 is having problems so
  10. do i need 2 play the 1st game? well i already watched the anime but i really doubt it will b same
  11. Schwert1120

    Free Friends

    i swear that there is a show for this at one of the hentai sites i just cant remember mustve been to dark that i had forgotten
  12. Schwert1120

    Princess Evangile

    its just that downloading the parts will take long torrents seems faster + the link you have to pay and the free one anti virus blocks it
  13. Schwert1120

    Princess Evangile

    tried to search this game for torrent on nyaa site cant find it it seems i have to look for the japanese version -.- can any1 give me links for this
  14. is nekopara going to be available in here too? id like the 18+ version it might b blur or mosaic censored butt im all in for neko characters they so cute
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