• Marionette Fantasy

    "When the seven goddess stones are collected any wish will come true...
    Embark on a perilous RPG adventure in search of the seven stones."

    You found an RPG game with the above description.
    When you load up the game, a single young girl appears on the screen.
    Her name is Maria, and she's trapped inside the game world!
    Only you can control her. Tons of ecchi traps await!

    Marionette Fantasy - HCG
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    1. Langrisser's Avatar
      Langrisser -
      This game runs at a really low resolution in window mode somewhere around 640x480. You can see all the ero images, sprites, backgrounds, music and sounds just by looking in a few folders. Otherwise this is a decent game that does suffer a bit from early era rpg syndrome aka wonder around aimlessly hoping to find the next event or trigger.
    1. Outpost Omega J's Avatar
      Outpost Omega J -
      Does this game have unavoidable rape scenes, or if you play right, can you avoid any such nonsense?

      I like RPGs in general and an RPG combined with an eroge game sounds like a win in my book, but I don't see the point in abusing the heroines in such a manner. It's one thing if it is a past event in the story line that sets the stage for the present, but if it happens in the game's present, you, as the hero, should be able to stop it before it's too late.
    1. jknightx's Avatar
      jknightx -
      So far it's pretty straightforward, but the othello minigame was graphically screwy for me. Other than that, the character just walks reeeeallly slowly.
    1. Vulkandrache's Avatar
      Vulkandrache -
      The minigame has sliced up upside down pieces for me aswell.
      There is a run button you have to hold down.

      Ive played it once, i did miss quite a few scenes but i was never raped.
      I never lost a bossfight but i had all of them have sex with her afterwards.
      Had i not done that the game should finish without any sex scene.
      But since you dont get any magic that way the last fights would be incredible hard.
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