• Mirai no Uta to, Tsunagaru Hitomi

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    Our first encounter was terrible. Our meeting is terrible each time. Our conversation is terrible each time.
    You and me.
    If we hadn't known each other, we wouldn't have changed.

    However, we learned that:

    It's more fun to be two of us.
    The music can cross the line between a man and a non-human.
    New sound appears from our encounter.
    The more we know about each other, the tighter our bond becomes.

    New "song" created by two binds us together and spreads to the world...

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    1. Black_Lotus's Avatar
      Black_Lotus -
      I thought that this is the continuation from the first game but it's not. When will Luka Story show up
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      not my type
    1. Outpost Omega J's Avatar
      Outpost Omega J -
      Based on Black_Loutus'es comment, this game first appeared on this site as of 4/20/2015.
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