• Oblivious Garden ~Carmina Burana

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    Protagonist Irell Reis was once a famous general who led thousands of soldiers to expand the land of the Magic Empire on Latoy. However the defeat in Garyalburg, Vaustiya three years ago cost him everything. Fortunately he was not executed, but he was stripped of his rank and forced to live life as a lowly peasant from then on.

    Finally, the time has come for Irell to recover his honor and reputation. His uncle the Emperor of Celantu has summoned him. What task will the Emperor give to him? Will Irell Reis be able to succeed in his new mission? He may first need to learn how to get along with the princesses?

    Long ago, people once called their land Latoy in awe.
    Since ancient times, Latoy has referred to the vast paradise they called their home carried forward by one generation after another. By showing great admiration to various gods and to the motherland, people in Latoy lived in peace for thousands of years.
    Now, however, humans have forgotten all of this.
    After thousands of years, humans once living in Latoy are divided into the north and the south.
    Celantu, the Magic Empire, occupies the southern part with abundant resources.
    Vaustiya, the United Principality, occupies the cold northern part.
    Though people on both sides were once brothers and sisters, they launched an endless and bloody war, killing anyone holding different flags with their swords and magical powers.

    -This is an era when humans lose their admiration for gods and reverence to the land.
    However, even in the turbulent time, there exists a care-free paradise like the one a thousand years ago.

    -Oblivious Garden
    This is a lavish palace built for the seven princesses. It is a “birdcage” glorified with the name “garden.”
    And so, the story about love, hate, myth, and forgiveness begins...

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      Lauta159 -
      This looks interesting... yet i dont think it will be better than kamidori... but we can try xD

      thx !!
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      Just playing -
      im always ready for RPG VNs . i really hope the fights are worth it .
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