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  1. nhstruong

    My Boss' Wife is My Ex

    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  2. yuri rape, don't mind if i do
  3. bunny black 2 was already came out, when will bunny black 3 will came out?
  4. nhstruong

    Bunny Black 2

    wait till 3 season come out is pain in the ass3
  5. nhstruong

    Bunny Black 2

    must wait until 3 season is pain in the ass
  6. "NeXas stop working" appear in kazuko route so i can't clear all the route.
  7. nhstruong

    Free Friends 2

    finally, i love you ad
  8. it broken when i play a little, i got a japanese bar on the game screen and not reponsding, i got no other choice but to close the program, help please
  9. why, i hope for benkei the most in this part but no english, why
  10. nhstruong

    Sakura Santa

    merry chrismast ,thank you ad
  11. nhstruong


    reverse ntr??
  12. hey some game were 100% tranlated and edited, so what will it take to public it
  13. still can't do it can anyone video tape how to install and send me, please?
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