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Found 7 results

  1. I tried playing BBA yesterday after putting it on the shelf for about a month. It used to work just fine, and I managed to beat the CPI (?) and the vampires on Kunagi route. When I tried starting a new game to play Senna route, the combat just stopped working. Everything works fine: dialogues, events, unit positioning. The problem happens when someone hits the opponent. Instead of lowering the person's health, it freezes. Anyone know what's going on? Additional info: Win 8 Playing from an external HDD (both now and when it used to work) Dodging works fine, the problem seems
  2. The version being sold in mangagamer's store contains both +18 and AA as separate programs, and doesn't force you to complete a route, no patch needed : MangaGamer.com - Dies irae DX package (download) EDIT: DRM free and is HD unlike the Steam release, the way it's meant to be played I request !
  3. So i just downloaded this game. Finished tamaki and manaka route. But at some point there are no text. I mean literally blank. No text. Is this an error or what. I think at Lucy route
  4. Hi, i have been playing the Sumika Route of MuvLuv Extra (DVD Version) and i just go across on this problem: Here are the details: Date: 10/28 (Sunday) Route Following: Sumika Everytime i went to that scene at amusement park where they are helping the lost kid getting his parents and came across with a show after announcement, it always has that problem. Can anyone help me how to fix that? I already in japanese locale.
  5. The thread title pretty much says it all. Does the character Cro in the VN Chrono Clock have her own route, or is she relegated the role of a side character/supporting cast? I don't want to know anything ABOUT her route if it exists, I just want to know IF it exists.
  6. so i wanted to ask the different between the Steam and Manga Gamer Shuffel, well is not about the censorship since the Steam Version is all age. is about the routes the Ps2/Steam Version has the Kareha and Mayumie route but it seem like Sia has a normal and a split route. was it also in the Manga gamer Version ? i mean i played the Eroge too (all routes except Primula) but i cant remeber if there was two Sia Route
  7. "NeXas stop working" appear in kazuko route so i can't clear all the route.
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