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  1. @Jaeger: I was aware of the archive and have browsed it a bit before, but the list is huge...! I decided I should ask for your opinions first, after all there's always a chance there's something out there that really fits my description that deserves to be looked into first, and you guys could point it out to me. I will definitely keep that website in my favorites, though. I'm sure it'll come in handy some day. ^^ Thanks for your suggestions too, by the way. I will check them out. (I do hope that the villain/rapist is also shown in the pictures besides just his erection and/or naked women..
  2. Hello everyone, First off, I want to say that this is a wonderful website and I am glad to have found it! I am pretty new to this whole thing, and I have a couple of questions. I hope you guys can help me out with what I am looking for. 1. I've played a few otome games. My favorite so far is Storm Lover Kai - the guys are all pretty cute and there are alot of ways to take part in the game, rather than just reading 90% of the time with very few choices that influence the outcome (I suppose that's the difference between VN and a game? For instance, Hakuoki doesn't feel much like a game, mo
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