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  1. There are no plans to translate Eiyuu Senki GOLD by any official company, if it will be taken up by anyone it will most likely be a fansub group who will do it.
  2. Eh, I've waited for who knows how many months/years, another two or three I can handle (months that is).
  3. Any guesses/predictions for Seinarukana ?
  4. There are quite a few of these games, although I think only three or four have been translated, go to vndb and search for the developer Liar-soft, they should be listed there, and they all have similar styled names, so they should be easy to find.
  5. I just played for about 10 minutes, not a lot is translated, but from what I saw the most apparent and huge difference (aside from the playing style) is that already from the beginning monster girls and humans live in peace with each-other.
  6. Not that I am aware of. I think someone really enthusiastic would have to play through the game before the translation is complete to make a 100% save, and I don't know how much good a raw save will do you once the game is translated.
  7. MGQ Paradox is an actual RPG, random encounters, leveling up, buying equipment and all that good stuff.
  8. No need, I just had to switch to the untranslated version for that specific event and then saved after it was done, then went back to the translated version.
  9. I really need some help, when I try to do the mission *A thankful date* I get Sintax Error and then a Script Error message, then the game crashes. Does anyone know how to solve this ?
  10. Does anyone know where I can download the pc version of Eiyuu Senki ?
  11. Eiyuu*Senki just got translated for the PS3. Is it possible to use that translation to help with the PC version ?
  12. Is Seinarukana a september release for this year or next year ?
  13. Pretty slow week by the looks of things.
  14. Nice, released as scheduled. Only a matter of time for those without money- me -to get it. ----> MangaGamer.com - Princess Evangile (download)
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