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  1. You reading the summaries for Re:monster or the japanese copies/raws? Since days 70-90 are missing and the others only have the summaries.

  2. not sure who that guy is but this seems like a different group. They started last September. Here's the Translator's page DYJ Translations . Since playing Kamidori, I've been a fan of Eushully and I'm glad that this is happening. Progress: Prologue : Translated: 20.5% Edited: 20.5% Tested : 20.5% BTW I'm not sure that I saw these on the list but http://vndb.org/v10304 (total is at 45% complete) and http://vndb.org/v370 (total 88% translated and 49% Edited) are also being translated.
  3. I'm really happy to learn that Eushully's Madou Koukaku is being translated.
  4. Sucks that Eiyuu Senki Gold isn't being translated.....Fruitbat Factory should've chosen the better version *sigh*beggars can't be choosers
  5. On the top of my head, any game(well most of) from BaseSon, Eushully and Alice Soft
  6. Woah....this is getting translated...damn...I've been away for VN/Eroge's for too long and now I see this...so happy right now Thanks to you retrogoat and your team
  7. _| ̄|○ The game got deleted in my computer. I have to redo it again.
  8. Lala Satalin Deviluke from To Love-Ru
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