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    For those of us who have nothing better to do then posting in the shoutbox all day long. EDIT: Everyone free to join
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    We love visual novels, this group involves talking about visual novels. Join to discuss with fellow visual novel enthusiasts.
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    Into nice boats? Like your love to be cute AND psycho? This is the place for you. We're chaotic neutral and have no real alliances, so everyone who enjoys our adorable little yanderes can join~
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    The club for those of us who are wiling to put up with the cold hard shell of a tsundere long enough to get at the sweet girl inside. But it's not like I want you to join! Baka!
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    The title says it all. Post all your favorite Monster Girl pictures (this is a fucking hentai forum, dont be afraid to post whatever you want) talk about who your favorite Monster Girl is, or dont. Just ignore the fucking group if you want to
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