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  2. The game is short with only a handful of decisions, but has lots of cheats and endings. Half of the endings involve forcing yourself onto the girl, while in the other half nothing happens. There are also romantic endings available. There is no music, only atmospheric background tracks. The writing is quirky, but relies too much on pop culture references. For example, after a wardrobe malfunction, you get a Janet Jackson reference. The jokes can be pretty lame. You can customize the experience to your liking with cheat codes. Is she your cousin, your daughter, your sister, or just an old
  3. Detective Masochist features 20 porn scenes in total. Each scene has multiple CGs with numerous variations. Heavy use of zooming and panning functions convey motion and focus scenes. For example, when a futa dick is about to penetrate your ass, camera zooms in on the dick. This creates a sense of fluid motion that mimics animation, no doubt saving the budget. The scenes are almost always focused on outercourse, tease, and denial. When penetration happens, chances are it’s the woman doing the fucking. If role-reversal turns you on, this game will be a great experience! MORE INFO HE
  4. You can choose how to corrupt your stepdaughter. Will you take things slow? Or will you rush to the tits and gamble with your sexual access? An angel and a devil appear during dream sequences every in-game week. They present you with choices. The story reaches its climax when you finally leave your wife and marry your stepdaughter. Much like with cars, you always want to be trading up for a newer model. You’ll be a childless alcoholic in your 40s, but at least you plowed young pussy! MORE INFO HERE
  5. If you like brows to my pictures and if you found one intresting tell me https://erogegames.com/members/lanthief-hun-/albums/some-photos/
  6. Hy all.I just recently registerd to the site.I really like VN's i have a lot of favorits.Im thinking of my self as an old schooler.My VERY first vn was Tsukushite Agechau 4 .and so on now im playing whit Shuffle vn's and Sakura vn's.But im open for any vn that you suggest Sorry for my bad english but im from Hungary,
  7. 21th and it has been a whole 5 years since the last entry LOL any way, im Alter, nice to meet cha all, Already play MOST of the translated Vn so far, even the gore one, so it will be a heck of list but my favorite VN will be, 1st Deus Machina Demonbane ( also the first Vn i played XD ), 2nd Clannad ( of course ), 3rd Fate/SN, 4th KiraKira, and 5th is Edelweiss ( all time fav XD ) Oh and, if u guys allowed some PS game , Then Ar-Tonelico series ( include the new Ar nosurge ) take the first place by far Love the story and music in those, ( but fighting mechanic, meh, not so much especiall
  8. Hey everyone The better question would probably be when have I not been playing VNs. My all time favorite VN was Ever 17. Have to give my shout out to Katawa Shoujo, Steins Gate, and Remember 11 though as they were also epic in their own right.
  9. well, guess I hadn't posted here yet. started playing VN's 2 or 3 years ago. first one was 999 followed by ever17. My 'great 4' is: 1.steins;gate, 2. Kara no shoujo. 3.Ever 17. 4.Umineko no naku koro Ni with honorable mentions to little busters, G senjou, 999 and remember11
  10. 18th. Favorite novel is Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. My top rated novels are Yu-No, Muv Luv Alternative, Ever17 and Fate/Stay Night.
  11. Kyokuza the -17th- bastard. The real name was ********** the first visual novel was (Paradise Height 1/2) and the others = Yume Miru Kusuri, Katawa Shoujo, F/SN, 999 and bunch of them My favorite was 1.Steins;Gate 2.999 3.Saya no Uta that's all from me...~
  12. -16th- Hye, I'm Ichirou... Tsuyoshi Ichirou Well,My favorite VN is katawa shoujo and its My First VN..... and i Don't really know Which VN Should i play, So...umm,Would u guys recommend some Good VN For Me? and Thats all.Hope We can Get along well -^_^-
  13. Hi 15th person i'm ren vateru, ren is my real name My favorite visual novel is Deus Machina Demonbane, Fate/SN and Slave pageant mostly i play depend on mood, i won't play it if i in bad mood reason afraid it will effect da game Same like Ero-ero Majin my first visual novel i play is private nurse and critical point
  14. 14th! Alright, you guyz can call me Gerard. Although the first vn that I played was 5 years ago, only started playing seriously 6 month ago. There are still many vn that I haven't play yet. My favorite vn so far would be Yume Miru Kusuri and G-Senjou no Maou.
  15. 13th! I'm a number now! Been playing for about two years, my first VN was Brass Restoration followed by Fate/Stay Night! I really enjoyed G-Senjou no Maou, Fate/Stay Night, Little Busters!, Clannad and Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
  16. 12th. Greets, everyone i'm Turin. I've played VNs for at least 5 years, and i don't even remember how many i've played in total All time favorite VNs are Fate S/N and Muv-Luv.
  17. 11th! well uhm call me galvante dont know why I chose ths name but it just pop in my head! haha >.< anyways! my favorite VN novel so far are CLANNAD, DEARDROPS, KIRAKIRA, KIRAKIRA CURTAINCALL, SHUFFLE, D.C and SYMPHONIC RAIN >.<
  18. 10th harya hore umau it's been a decade of eroge life for me for me lol first vn i played was Private Nurse on 2002 after getting my very first pc total vn played = more than 100....i lost counts, there's too many of them my favorite : da capo and muvluv series
  19. 9th, Nice to meet you all! The first visual novel i played was Yo-Jin-Bo... when i am a first year of high school, i lent my friends a bunch of game disks back then... Played: Clannad, Ef, kanon, shuffle, Koihime musou and of course some new translated VN such as kamidori ( i wonder it can actually counted as an original VN, then Artolenico and others???), my girlfriend is a president. My favorite VNs: clannad (even i played it after watching TV series, i still feel it's quite good) , Sharine no kuni , G-senjou no mahou My favorite characters from VNs: Sunohara (Clannad) -> this guy
  20. 8th Play for a long time but not really have time to play some more eroge recently What I like? Come See Me Tonight, Edelweiss(and EidenFantasia), Higurashi, Kamidori My GF is the President Still havent play alot of interesting title such as Steins;Gate Kannon Clannad etc.
  21. 7th LOL am I even new...Kamidori, Yume Miru Kusuri, Steins;gate, G-senjou no Maou, MGQ2 and some others.
  22. 6th. I'm not so new but here i go! Top list: G-senjou no maou, Sharin no kuni, Muv luv Alternative. Playing Deardrops, Majikoi, Kamidori, Muv Luv.
  23. 5th! Definitely G-senjou no maou and every Muv Luv =]
  24. 4th. My top list novels are G-senjou no maou , clannad , and koihime musou.
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