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  1. Did not know there was an introduction thread. Hi, I'm Ark, or if that's to pretentious, John. The H is silent. 20 years old and working my way to become a wizard, I spend most of my time being pretty basic. As a man of routine I try to follow a strict schedule of procrastination and masturbation. I know almost nothing about VNs, I simply consume as any good leech would. I joined this site mainly for technical support, but the shoutbox was pretty amusing so I stuck around. My main hobbies include reading anything, and table top role playing games (GURPS, ANIMA, D&D, and the One Piece syst
  2. Golden Kamui Volume 2 Chapter 10 [spoiler=Gore Warning kinda]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-yAOpZ-KuHSg/Vo_pD3K0WqI/AAAAAAACs-0/AmfHTow8mF0/s0-Ic42/006.png Really shows just how..... Look I love bears, even more so when they rip a guys face off.
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