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  1. xtradark

    Under One Wing

    Dude is used multiple times in the translation by both the protagonist to the heroines and vise-versa... in short just cringey translation choices
  2. Looks interesting +1 I guess
  3. Way I see it, it isnt a game i would BUY but i would play it considering literally no i know still uses the word dude it makes absolutely no sense why the hell onii-chan was change to it i haven't played this yet but im probably gonna avoid that girls route since..... well I imagine at emotional moments and H-scenes it would just completely ruin the immersion, im surprised MG would even let that pass..... Well there is a lot worse translations out there its just unfortunate such a choice was made also on VNDB there is patch for the names so if you really want to you can try that
  4. this series of games looks interesting... i wonder if the others will be translated
  5. Have you tried to re-install it yet? if you have maybe its an issue with the 18+ patch so try to install it directly from the website I saw a similar problem ( same engine different game) in the fuwa forums and it was and issue with the anti-virus causing it so try that too... none of those work then I have no idea, but good luck anyways
  6. any idea how better (if it even is) when compared to the other one that used to be on fuwanovel?
  7. near the end some issues with un-translated text and MC's name in some places, also kinda annoying that this is part of a trilogy so the other characters routes (super short) and the main routes are accessed in the other games...not sure what the ranking at the end is all about though
  8. xtradark

    Dark Elf

    I would assume it means NTR
  9. xtradark

    ChuSinGura 46+1

    low sexual content and all ages..... seems legit
  10. xtradark

    Kimomen Demo Harem Guild

    this was..... enjoyable
  11. Pretty good game overall shame it only includes the prologue and 1st chapter... Anyway hopefully the sequel will be released and translated at some point
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