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  1. Can someone please list all known eroges of this site for Android here? Thank you! With Kind Regards, Scion P.S. My third post! Yay!
  2. Scion

    3D Eroges

    Can someone please post all known 3D eroges of this site here? Thank you! With Kind Regards, Scion P.S. My second thread and post in general! Yay! P.P.S. I also think that marking a 3D eroge with a "3D" tag would be nice
  3. So I played the series "War of the Human Tanks" (all three parts) and am so amazed by it that I want to play more games from Yakiniku!Banzai! Unfortunately it's a (totally unexpected btw) Japanese site and, well, there is a reason I'm registered here since yesterday (and "fully" thanks to the site admins help today). So, I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong by making a request here, but i would really like it if anyone would translate a game from here (site Japanese): ?????????? ???.com ???????? I would really prefer a game with the same artstyle as War of the Human Tanks (though I t
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