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  1. Came out in July. Didn't know it existed. It probably doesn't work for this site. If that's the case, if someone can just link me it, that is fine as well. :3
  2. As the title says I'm having problems opening the zip for A kiss for the petals Atelier. WinRar says it's either damaged or is in an unknown format. All the other things a have opened fine and I tested a different zip file that I grabbed. works fine. I think the contents in the zip got damaged somehow. Also it got brought to my attention and I thought that I would bring it to yours. The download site that you link all the VN's to my anti virus is saying that there are trojins with the download hosting number(my anti virus always use to let me get stuff from that site. now it's blocking m
  3. Ivan, just an FYI, either something has shifted in your website or a recent update to my browser disregarded the ancient wisdom of "If it's not broken, don't fix it." When I close my browser window, I get logged out of your site. This did not use to happen. Also, If i just leave the browser open to your site for a while, for example if walked away to do something, I end up logged out as well. I did not adjust any of my privacy settings on the browser nor delete my cookies or the like. I've yet to find a reason on my end, though that doesn't mean there is not one, so there may be a bug in the w
  4. I would like to suggest that a discord channel affiliated with erogegames be created and maintained by our Site administrator. The traditional method of social interaction on website based forums is giving way to dedicated chat applications such as Discord. There is already an erogegames discord but it is unofficial and is not advertised in such a way to draw a similar amount of traffic as the site itself. Please discuss the merits and flaws of this suggestion.
  5. I'm assuming yes but there's no mention of either site on the other. Edit: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. There is a link to here on the right side of the page on erogedownload. I would delete this thread but I have no clue how.
  6. The full English patch was just released: CHAOS;CHILD PC English patch It's currently not available on any site besides DMM.com for 7344 yen/ 66 USD.
  7. I'm sure it's just another rehash of the first game with some slight alterations, but I'd still like to be able to check it out. Any ETA on when it will be up on the site in English?
  8. For a long time, I've been trying to get my hands on a few yaoi games, (and a comic from one of my favorite artits), with no success. If anyone is willing to put them on the site, I would very much appreciate it. Here are the links. ?????? | DiGiket.com ?????? | DiGiket.com ?????? | DiGiket.com ?????? | DiGiket.com ?????? | DiGiket.com
  9. So I played the series "War of the Human Tanks" (all three parts) and am so amazed by it that I want to play more games from Yakiniku!Banzai! Unfortunately it's a (totally unexpected btw) Japanese site and, well, there is a reason I'm registered here since yesterday (and "fully" thanks to the site admins help today). So, I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong by making a request here, but i would really like it if anyone would translate a game from here (site Japanese): ?????????? ???.com ???????? I would really prefer a game with the same artstyle as War of the Human Tanks (though I t
  10. Hello im kinda new to the site and i wanna try something by playing an eroge after all these years being in the anime community. But my question is where would i start from and how would i start to play an eroge off this site? i can download all the files but would that be it? like after watching Majikoi a long time ago id like to play this first. i saw already i cant really download everything altogether so imma have to download all the seperate files together. after this will i have to put them all into a single folder and extract the files together in the same location or is there anything
  11. I've been trying to learn Japanese and i was wondering if anyone knew about a site i can download eroge raw? There are a lot of good games on this site but looking at vndb makes me realise just how much hasn't been translated... I'm thinking maybe one day i'll be able to read them or translate them Thanks in advance! (i'm not very active on this site)
  12. I came on today to find out that the website's layout changed. when did that happen? I was on here last week and it was the usual layout. I just want to make sure that I wasn't brought to a redirect site since this site hat the same layout for a very long time. everything for me is gray and white. Also the front page is smaller with the new VN updates as well. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I've been trying to download some files from the said site, but every single game I've tried to download from comes with the error of "This site cannot be reached... the site might be temporarily down or it may have moved to a new web address." Anyone has an idea as to why this is?
  14. My computer broke so now I have no way to read visual novels but I was wondering if I could download them from this site on my android phone and play them on here, I also have the win rar app on my phone
  15. found this game and i can not find a download for it, so could you please up load it to the site heres the vndb link: https://vndb.org/v18636
  16. Why that site? You cant rally download any games cause of the size restriction
  17. using the site that is on the link after waiting for the captcha i started download i noticed it was a bit off and that the 200 mb file is taking around 6hrs+ to finish so i tried waiting after waiting a bit it said network error. My net is not that slow it can load hd videos on youtube and im able to play online games with ease but when it comes to the site given by the link its around 3 KB/ps to 10 KB/ps fast which is odd given my usual speed for download is around 100-300 /ps also i used to use this site all the time but it only slowed down when i tried it again. Sry if its in the w
  18. this game looked intersting so i was wondering if you could get it on the site. heres the vndb link https://vndb.org/v1896
  19. It's an otome game, which I know this site normally doesn't do, but if you can get it on the website, that would be sweet.
  20. It was a site that had translation for several eushully games? Now, when i try to go to 403 Forbidden i get a 403 error You don't have permission to access /translations/ on this server.
  21. Hi ErogeGames Forum, Ao No Katana has always been on my eroge hunt list since I've had the knowledge of the existence of Eroge, so when I have obtained info on getting the game for free, I surge my way and went through the shitty steps posted on the OP site: ????? Sorry if you can't understand Chinese but I do, so this is the steps I have made for easier viewing. Link to image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C4xnr35UEAEm03z.jpg:large Password for extraction is => b41p3m3@eyny Small Notes: Please set your computer's region to Japan, like many other eroges it's essential.
  22. I wish to have this added to the site please. :3
  23. i cant seem to find this in the site, so i think ill leave a link here for it for reuploading. https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0ByEt6eG-8MVEUW96SzNmSG52QjQ source: https://vndb.org/v17894
  24. Just wondering if there is a way to search through a list of tags on this site, or can i only select tags from game descriptions?
  25. hi i cant find it on the site, and also.. the all age version is out, and i think the 18+ patch is also out, so if anyone got a link for the 18+ patch. dont hesitate to reply it here. https://vndb.org/v17564
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