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  1. I found a link for "phantom trigger 8"  and it is working and no popups or adds  https://pixeldrain.com/u/HNygaZDA

  2. Hiya all! I got the dlc for part 2, seem's no1 has added this to the downloads yet, is there anyway I can upload it to the site?, it's really small 46mb and it was free from "Denpasoft". even spit into 10mb files it will not upload as an attachment so would ADMIN gimme an hand uploading it in some way as it would be a shame not to share it as erogegames and erogedownload don't have this yet.
  3. It's said that any interaction like a choice in a novel is basically classed as a game, because you choose which why it will end There are loads of hybrid VN,s too those have to be classed as games "Reload" for example is a hybrid VN, it has game play like an RPG as well as being a novel Not all VN's have choices, some are just read through novels, but you still have to advance the text & voices with your keyboard or mouse (interaction), So i have no answer either way! (for this later on read through's) I got to say for most part with the music, voices, backgrounds (some are also ani
  4. I have no adblocker combined with my browser, i don't get any popups whatso ever....then again i think Kaspersky Internet security & total security has that stuff built to stop popups and adware from messing things up, I use the former and have never had any problems, get a good antivirus rather than popup killer added to browser it's much safer
  5. Stef

    Hatsukoi 1/1

    Game installed and works without issue on Win7 X64, although the install menu interface being all in japenese is a case of trial and error in the case of getting it to install being as no1 has posted any explanation or screen shots of the interface and what to click on to install this game, to the folks that are in that same predicament as i was, you need click on top box in install interface, that moves you to screen where you can choose where to install to ie D:\ Games etc, then press/click on the left bottom button/box, it should start installing. BTW the CD image 1, in my case an ISO c
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