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  1. cartagra will be out soon 3 version gonna be merged dunno when but soon shhhh tl powers.
  2. about kamikaze, some guy in wairu was translating but he found out it had alot of h-scenes and they don'0t like tling that shit so it's dropped perhaps there's a patch lying around im not sure and about majikoi S/A Wairu said "Im the english translator everyone needs, but not the one that they deserve" lel'd
  3. Te contesto con esta cuenta ya que la otra la cree accidentalmente porque no me acordaba de esta , ty por ayudarme loco pero eso ya lo tengo ( Si no lo podria jugar en primera) No se si es por lo de el unvalilated patch2.xp3 pero yo ya lo tengo el unicode en japones a menos que tengo que hacer algo mas pero solo me aparece en esa parte, en las demas anda todo re cool pero justo esa parte la necesito para seguir con la historia y no puedo hacer nada


    ¿A quien le deberia de preguntar? O por ahi vos sabes algo mas


    i'd talk to you in english but im lazy as fuck


    espero tu respuesta

  4. why i didn't think of it... it worked, thank you very much
  5. Hello I am having a problem trying to install the english patch for kamidori i did install the first patchs for it (ap01, ap02, ap200) and then i open kamidori_english and this: http://puu.sh/Z2SC What i can do for fix it?
  6. lololololol this is seriously short also how2get full cg? i have one missing =/
  7. Natteke


    Love is over special edition was good, worth the money about the game, i already finished all endings since alot, it was very unique and funny game (lol Catherine's father) i remember people were complaining about hardmode was way too hard. and uh the OST was really good, ofc Atlus, i wish there were another atlus game similar
  8. Is -still- supported even if it doesn't seems so, and aw


    You can have more skins, like this the current default one and then maybe others skin and such , maybe it would be good

  9. I prefer to stick with current branch. 3.8 is no longer supported afaik, and as for the looks - i prefer functionality.

  10. Hey ivan, i got a question, i could be new but i know about vB


    Shouldn't you change to 3.8.x? or atleast give it some design help to the forum (skin, colors, banners, and such)


    i had a 3.8.x foroum a few months ago, still trying to find the cache but here's some a friend took long time ago



    I think forums would have more options and look more nice =p even if this skin is great you could make more or i can too



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