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  1. I'm still in mid final chapter A. For earth, i'll just use him as tank, kind of useful Wind is the best, very high magic & agi & range, even drain III. Can solo the ancient weapon in one turn and survive with drain III, also wrecks other enemies without element advantage. || Water & fire & 2 puppets mediocre, they're a bit tanky but can't surprass wind's damage, not even close. And this is why i said mystery. I find it interesting :: Why Fia, a goddess was sealed & the fort exist? Why Fia, a kind goddess wants to go to forbidden place badly? Why everyone's ob
  2. The most thing i hate in Kamidori is the elementals, they're weak af (idk maybe because i play early-mid game only). For the story, kind of lackluster, dreaming to become a great alchemist which depends on whos route he took (like wtf? the other girls dream is completely ignored. Maybe i'm wrong since i didn't finish kamidori). I forgot about Himegari, but i can only stay for 1 hour. Kami no rhapsody even lesser than 1 hour. Me like the story in Amayui, all of the mystery makes me engaged. Characters are cute & likeable (including Diethelm). Elementals are useful. Might be biased, b
  3. Dropped kamidori & himegari. But i can stay in this game for 50 hours+
  4. damn.. it's so much better with the plot, i mean.. literally
  5. centifora

    Wizard's Climber

    *summoner's climber
  6. I thought they skipped the original with that "if" title. But it's so much better. Also yay for rance 1+2
  7. Sounds like generic miel/norn/cybele summary Surprised it wasn't made by them
  8. Yea I only enjoy sequel & lulu farea series gameplay so far Maybe i miss something from these sea of H-rpg, there's too much of them
  9. Onii-chan Daisuki! from tanuki soft, don't send police on me. Also just wanna share another MTL app "textractor" by Akash if your chiitrans/ithvnr won't hook text
  10. If you prefer cuter mongirls and also have brothel management gameplay, check "monster girl club bifrost". Sadly it isn't uploaded in this website.
  11. 3x better in you know what i mean.
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