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  1. Katawa Seiyuu Update: First 4 scenes voiced
  2. @Shadolance: You said you were looking for games already translated to try retranslating. Try Flyable Heart and its two fandiscs. They've been 'translated' (sort of) and need retranslations. Umikaze has fell off a cliff so I'm sure theres no problem starting a retranslation of your own
  3. Little Busters wasn't updated in the OP (Saya's route at ~70% translated)
  4. If you check the Little Busters spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?pli=1&key=0Am1pV7ssY0D7dExyd3NxUTNGNUFHRWNLZjV3em8xbEE#gid=0 Saya's route has 4922/6884 lines translated: That's ~70%
  5. Ahem. Kozue best heroine (Tsundere Class Rep Megane)
  6. Tis True, The Second Reproduction is great indeed.
  7. Zap Apple Project: Downloads Demo for Starswirl Academy released, now we can see if it will be horrible or not.
  8. Who knows if they were even telling the truth. We'll find out if it's good when it comes out.
  9. The faces are kinda awkward but the story sound pretty interesting
  10. It doesn't seem to be related to the show other than character names and color schemes.
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