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  1. Cru3l

    No One But You

    Male protagonist so male x female
  2. Im on discord just not in the group <3

  3. I don't see you on the discord one, I think you left that one.


    *Sucks tear drop back in*

  4. Im always on skype/steam/discord :)

  5. R.I.P Battle. *Wipes single tear drop*

  6. Cru3l

    Hey! HB and all that!

  7. Happy Birthday~!~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  8. (=_=) I'M... WATCHING... YOOoouu... *smacks birthday cake on zx face*

  9. I am only twenty. I thought you were younger than me too. Thank you for the kawaii nekos though <3

  10. HB!!!!!!!!!

    Look at that, if that's your real age... then it seems like I am older than you. Thought you were the old one. xD


  11. Hey there new people! Don't know what to say, other than ... so.. uu... By the way most of the action happen in the SB. If you're bored and have nothing to why not go and join the nonsense that is the SB(I cannot guarantee your safety fyi).
  12. Hello, I think I've never talked to you before........................ HB?

  13. HB... or is this a lie... can't seem to trust you.

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