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  1. I'm new to this group and I thought I'd start with some nice contribution. https://rapidshare.com/#!download|253tl5|3101880167|fresh_loli-su-68fb223fc9570502440e3136af1f9cf6.jpg|43|R~0|512|384|RapidPro expired. (34fa3175)
  2. Yup yup! Same here, love the tsundere imouto type! Although the innocent imouto does it for me as well. In the end I like them all!
  3. I haven't really been caught. Although I was the one doing the "catching" sometimes. I've seen my brother play eroges quite a few times and I didn't know how to react, mostly because I was playing them at the time as well. I wasn't seeing it for the first time so... Since then I had a few near-catches myself and I believe me and my brother have some kind of mutual understanding, even though we never talked about it.
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