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  1. For Muv Luv The Day After here is a patch I did, I took the one from official group and added on to it, translated menu's and got into translating the story, only did about 160 lines so far, and the translation was of course machine translated and I tried getting it as close as I could, if anyone can come up with a better translation then I can easily patch it or if someone knows a machine translator that isn't crap and doesn't spit out engrish that would help a lot as all the ones I tried make it engrish. Here is link covers up until a few lines of text just before you meet the blonde girl
  2. Homura

    Material Brave

    you can all just download vn reader and play it >.> it will auto translate, it will be horrible translations that are Engrish but if you know English well enough you can get the general idea what they were saying and play. As far as I know it works for all games.. I have learned how to reverse engineer, so gonna try figuring out how to unpack the files and then I can make my own translations by using vn reader for rouch machine translation and then correcting the engrish and making a patch when done.
  3. does anyone know if takajun is gonna fix his site and continue translating or at the very least finish translating? or give all his info to someone willing to finish? would be a shame to not have this game completely translated. I played all the routes including the ones not translated but it just feels weird doing the ones not translated. I can understand most of what is going on (only for the voice scenes since I can't read japanese characters)
  4. I got all the good endings when I was trying to go for bad endings lol. damn gonna need to follow a walkthrough but wanted to get all the endings without using one.
  5. Here translated the jap version. HQ WALKTHROUGH: Introduction Status: completed (END · recollection is 100%, no flow recovery plan) [bonus] ⇒ (a tool to avoid a kill when you open the route map) auxiliary tool Please select the order as described in always. A root The first story (timed out) (Timed out) Second story (timed out) (Timed out) World also come Yappari Let's eat I do not have such a (Timed out) That kiss? I'll tell you next Sorry! Save [1] (Timed out) I'll tell the third story properly What I do not have to say I have to talk Go home together (Tim
  6. Homura

    School Days HQ

    they are same size. when you unrar them they will be the same size. only difference is the torrent is all in 1 .rar file and it is 9gb but more when extracted.
  7. Good Job Ivan Looking forward to the Walkthrough But anyway here is one I found for the partial-Translated version. may differ but I hope it helps. -----------NOTE-------- Among twenty-one possible endings, fifteen are good endings with only one girl, three are bad endings that involve one of the main characters getting killed, two are "harem" endings, and one is a variation (a post-fin episode to other endings). Although there are only three bad endings in this game, they are so shocking and violent that they became more commonly known (infamously) than the "good endings". ======
  8. Homura

    School Days HQ

    Ivan your godly. I have been waiting for this game to be translated forever. But HQ version was unexpected but way better than I could imagine. already started playing and glad that your not gonna be forced to be a d*ck to the girls like in the anime. I did like the school days end for anime mainly because that was the first anime that went there and now whenever I watch a harem anime I say no School Days ending. and everyone knows what I mean.
  9. lol it contains rape so yeah the main character has to be a dick (and has to know how to use it) I like elves in general not too fond of rape but I will give it a shot.
  10. Homura

    Fortune Arterial

    Thanks for the info gonna get the game when it is full english. mainly because I already finished dracu riot (I know some japanese so I get the general understanding of what is going on but not enough to fully enjoy it. plus I can't stop myself from playing once I start lol)
  11. Homura

    Dengeki Stryker

    Good job Ivan. I am gonna be playing this game until I beat it ^.^ (maybe even after that depending on how much I like it.)
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