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  1. Thanks for the guide ultimecea. It is true for every single release they do, there are a bunch of people asking the same questions on how to install the game or apply the translation patch. Thanks for the guide though since it really was helpful and really appreciate the hard work. Edit: Ooh, the pictures should be even more helpful.
  2. Just some starter info, D is kick, F is punch. Kick sucks because it's slow but does more damage than punch, spam the punch key. You can skip the sex scenes by pressing space. You can always go back to it in the extras in the title menu. In conference rooms, find something shiny and walk to it. After defeating Premium, revisit her and you can buy stuff with points, highest value is Dille and Elle. There's a basement too, left side, keep going down. Bodyguard in restroom is good farming for points, super easy to kill, 50 points, and spawns 2-3 seconds after death. Tips for defeating
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