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  1. Hey Desi.

    Another year has passed so I think it's okay if we exchange one message, we don't want to overdo it right?


    How have you been? I hope you and your family are doing good.

  2. Hey Desi!


    I hope you had a relaxing christmas time as well as a great new year's eve =)

    It is quite surprising to see how many of the old members are still around, although mostly just as lurkers... including myself haha ^^'>


    How are you doing?


    Edit: For some reason my PC nearly died after clicking on "post message" ... this is off to a great start

  3. Sorry for the extremly late response ^^`>


    I am still alive but I wouldn't call myself active. The only thing I do regulary is to check the vntl thread.

    Otherwise I'm just your casual lurker.


    I do remember your name though! =)


    I wish you a happy new year!

  4. Hey there!


    I'm not sure if you can even remember me since for the last 3 years I was inactive as fuck but I'm slowly getting back into Visual Novels and hence I've got a reason to use this site again.

    Besides slapping you on the back for the site itself, and it still having an active user base, I just want to ask you a simple question: "How have you been?"

  5. Thx for the message! And yeah I already knew that 11eyes got translated. I'm not that active anymore but I'm still checking the translation news thread. But man, never thought the game would actually get translated after they dropped the previous translation project like 6 years ago or something? In any case, thx again for the PM mate =)

  6. Wait... you are still alive? :o *hug*

  7. Noragami Aragoto: The last episode started in a really interesting way but unfortunately that's the only good thing about it. All in all a huge letdown and a really unspectacular way to end the anime. And I totally hated the Nora scene. Not because I like her but in general terms: a strong 7/10

    Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry: The anime is basically your usual "magic school fighting with a bit of romance" story but it had one really strong episode and I absolutely adored when they used the manga art for animations: a really weak 7/10

    Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Funny, cute and enjoyable. Nothing amazing though because basically the whole plot was going around in a circuit: 7/10

  8. For the first time in my life I'm watching some anime that are currently airing so I might as well give you my thoughts (and pre-scores) on them.


    Utawarerumono – Itsuwari no Kamen: Nice atmosphere, loveable characters and great humor. The plot you ask? What's that? 7/10

    (I suppose they'll focus on the plot in the second half of the anime)

    Noragami Aragoto: If you liked the prequel then definitely check Aragato out. It has 3 boring episodes in the middle but after that it's fucking amazing 8/10

    (also once again everybody's hating a character (Nora) I like, some things will never change lel)

    Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry: This anime kinda reminds of Absolute Duo; stunning OP but all in all mediocre as fuck 5/10

    (I do like how it presented itself as an harem anime while it's not)

  9. Btw our myanimelist anime compatibility (oh wait after the huge update it's called affinity) is now down to 58.4%. It's still the highest one I could find but at least it's much more realistic than the ~90% we had before. I also have -34,8% with someone else. Nice.

  10. >I just finished DR2 though.

    And? Was it any good?

    I also heard they're going to make a DR anime. Not sure if it's going to be an adaption or a stand alone anime but you shouldn't keep your hopes up either way.


    >I haven't watched any anime in 2 months now I think.

    Sucks to be you I guess. Although there was a time where I didn't watch anime for nearly half a year so I can definitely understand your situation. As for myself, I didn't have to work for three days in a row and so I did nothing but watching anime.


    Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata: extremly funny slice of life anime about making a visual novel, no story or character development whatsoever: weak 8/10

    Hakushaku to Yousei: dropped that anime after 4 episodes, it was just too fucking boring

    Charlotte: it's from Key so I had to watch it. Interesting setting, some emtional scenes but not everything made sense: strong 7/10


    Next anime I'm going to finish are Psycho Pass and Gankutsuou. Both are between 7 and 8/10 so far

  11. I'm not really watching a whole lot of anime these days (mainly because of my lack of freetime) but nevertheless I managed to finish "Isshuukan Friends." in 2 days. It was a really enjoyable anime with an interesting setting, loveable characters (I want to hug the heroine so badly >.< ) and a small portion of comedy here and there. I kind of disliked its ending though because while it didn't feel wrong it was still somewhat unsatisfying. It's the weakest 8/10 on my list so far. But it's still an 8/10 and definitely an anime I recommend.

  12. Last activity: 10-31-2015


    I'm not sure when you'll read our congratulations but I also wish you a happy birthday <3

  13. I just finished "Tamako Love Story", a romance focused movie based on an anime called "Tamako Market". You don't need to watch the anime beforehand though and that's the reason why I decided to go for the movie because the anime seems a bit dull if you ask me. I don't really want to write a huge review so let's keep it short. It's a good movie without any major flaws but also without any strong scenes. I guess it's just very pleasent to watch: 6/10

  14. Hello there,


    Don't worry, Ivan will upload the game when it got fully translated for sure. It may take him up to 4 days after the patch's release to do that but hey, beggars cant be choosers right? Also I wouldn't check out the current patch because it basically translates the content of the official trial, which's like 2 hours or so. Just be patient.


    As for myself, I do look foward to Paradox but mainly because of the "getting raped by monster girls" sex scenes. The story sucks ass but the sex scenes... delicious.

  15. If I visit the activity page (http://erogegames.com/activity.php) then apparently all of my friends get huge profile pictures compared to the other users. I do not like that change.

  16. Why did your picture turn into a titan (compared to the other avatars) when I visit the activity page?

  17. Actually, I made the cake, Mashiro just delivered it :3

  18. attachment.php?attachmentid=6289&d=1346949731

    Same picture as every year lol

  19. Finished "Overlord" yesterday and it was a really enjoyable watch. It's basically another "omg we are trapped in the world of a MMORPG" anime with an overpowered protagonist but it was still very different than SAO & friends. Unfortunately the protagonist was not as badass as he was supposed to be but I liked him nevertheless. The story was not outstanding but had some pretty interesting scenes. The ending of the anime was not really amazing but the way it was shown can let one hope for a sequel.


    All in all a very weak 8/10

  20. Of course I can. Also I just realized that our anime compatability dropped down to 80% because of my Hotarubi no Mori score. Nice.

  21. How can you disagree with me when my opinion is the only valid one? I don't get it.


    On a serious note, it just didn't click with me I guess. Maybe I expected too much out of it because I can clearly see that it's a good movie for people who like smooth stories. But for me it was just too uneventful. Oh well, to each his own.


    Thumbs up for actually finishing an Anime haha. Reminds me that I still have to finish the first season of PP and I don't even remember why I stopped watching it.


    Oh and a while ago I finished Barakamon and it was really good. Like not super amazing or outstanding but enjoyable as fuck. Be sure to check it out.

  22. I just finshed Hotarubi no Mori (40min long anime movie) and good lord was it disappointing. I wanted to watch that movie since a long while and people told me it's really enjoyable but I didn't expect them to be lying bastards. The movie focused on romance but didn't even have some sort of drama. What the fuck? It felt more like a boring bedtime story for children. There wasn't even one outstanding scene. Damn. What a waste of time: 5/10

  23. It may be true that the anime is still ongoing but the manga, the original work, is already finished. And the movie takes place after the manga. Actually, in Japan there's already another movie called Buruto (son of Hinata and Naruto, stupid name though) and that movie is the last thing we'll see when it comes to Naruto according to the creator who desperately wants a break after 15 years of Naruto.


    I did hear about that Digimon remake (or was it a sequel to the first season?) as well but I also heard it'll be produced as movies and not as a TV series. That was the moment when I lost my interest.

  24. Part 4


    All in all I'm not sure about the score but I guess I'll give it a solid 7/10 simply because I finally got the NaruHina ending I've always wished for. Also the movie basically was about scarfs. And once again, I'm still amazed about I was able to enjoy that movie.

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