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  1. Hi OMA! Long time no talk. We are doing well. How are you doing?? Do you still use MAL or do you use discord at all?

  2. Hey Desi.

    Another year has passed so I think it's okay if we exchange one message, we don't want to overdo it right?


    How have you been? I hope you and your family are doing good.

  3. Yo it's me again! A relic of the past that nobody remembers. I'm just quickly dropping by in order to leave a quick thank you, for keeping up this news thread. Much appreciated.
  4. This is nothing but a short message in order to say, thank you for always sacrificing your free time for these Visual Novels Translation Status threads. I really appreciate it.
  5. Sorry, never got back to you! Things have been busy. I am married and have a daughter now so.. really busy haha. I want to start getting a little bit more active again :) Watching anime but probably won't start reading VNs again for a little while :)

  6. It all went downhill for them with the release of Supipara. Their original plan was to create a massive Visual Novel and to split it into three parts. However the first part did so bad they were forced to abandon the whole project. From that point on they had to face a bankruptcy crises and so they switched over to create less cost-intensive (you might even say more mainstream) Visual Novels. Unfortunately none of their following works could turn enough profit to get back on track. All things considered, they were around for a long time. Most Visual Novel companies release a single title an
  7. First search result for "Bishoujo Mangekyou Walkthrough" on google... Bishoujo Mangekyou: A Girl's Cursed Legend - Walkthroughs - Fuwanovel Forums
  8. 1) A game is something you do for the sake of entertainment. - You play Visual Novels for the sake of entertainment, so yes it is a game 2) A video game is an electronic game where you control the graphical images on a video screen. - While it isn't much you do control the game through clicking and advancing the text, picking choices etc, so yes it is also a video game At least from my understanding. Edit: I guess a better word to describe most Visual Novels would be interactive game.
  9. Hey Desi!


    I hope you had a relaxing christmas time as well as a great new year's eve =)

    It is quite surprising to see how many of the old members are still around, although mostly just as lurkers... including myself haha ^^'>


    How are you doing?


    Edit: For some reason my PC nearly died after clicking on "post message" ... this is off to a great start

  10. 1. So what is this title about? Let me do a quick sear.. 2. OH FUCK IT HAS KITSUNE HEROINES!!! 3. But why does nobody talk about it? 4. Seems like its translation is rather bad. 5. ...it is bad 6. sadface.jpg
  11. Sorry for the extremly late response ^^`>


    I am still alive but I wouldn't call myself active. The only thing I do regulary is to check the vntl thread.

    Otherwise I'm just your casual lurker.


    I do remember your name though! =)


    I wish you a happy new year!

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