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  1. You're the one being MIA like 7 years

  2. desi

    Join the discord :)

  3. <3 <3 <3

    i deleted some dms so there should be space

  4. i deleted some dms

  5. yeah, i guess so lol

  6. daaaaan, thank you for finally coming back. when you get back again, clear your DMs and let me send you an invite to our discord server and join us <3

  7. Message me your discord info Dan <3 says your mailbox is full :(

  8. DANDAN!!!!!

    You're alive???!!!


    How are you

  9. :lewd:

    wb dan, ive only hear of you before but we never met. I came from the later 2016ish era of EG.

    Most of us are on discord now btw, just leaving this here in case any of the old guards dont reply to you fast enough

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