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  1. For those who are interested, chapter 5 is out! Yay! No save files could be provided because of a scripting bug, so you have to start from the beginning, sowwie. As always, please look out for bugs, grammar, ect. Happy VN'ing Side Note: The next release will be the final beta release, with a complete story featuring Inari's and Ai's chapter. Those chapter will be twice as long as previous chapters. That means that the next release will take 4 times longer than usual. In addition to that, I will be attending university soon and will only have time on weekends. If you have any last wi
  2. Maybe I liked Hulk? Who knows? It's a pain in the ass to make an destruction animation or a fade effect, that's why And those scene were identical, imma delete one of em. BTW: The next chapter will lead you into one of the two available routes! YEEEEEAH! Stay tuned Who's your favorite character atm?
  3. Oh, sorry. It appears to be a bug I created while testing. I will upload an updated version asap. If you have finished the story in Beta 3, you can simply click on the Load button to proceed to chapter 4. Happy Testing And don't forget to give me your opinion *EDIT* Updated version is out
  4. *Push* Chapter 4 has gone up! With new story, minigame and the first boss battle
  5. Hi, @Jeager 1. Yeah. You've figured out his attack pattern xD 2. Well, it was intended to be touch device exclusive. May change it later. 3. Further explanations MAY appear in chapter 3 @Helvatica - I'm using the Unity Game Engine using C# - Yes, the overlapping name box was intentional - Nah, I'm good on my own It's my first game (and the first project with this engine) so I have to gather some more experience first. I'm only having trouble with the English language since it's not my mother tongue. - What kind of font do you suggest? Changing the font is an easy task 'cause i
  6. We hit the big BETA! http://abload.de/img/mazetitled6zzo.png Testers needed! Current build: Beta 5 This game is still far from perfect (mostly BGM and Images). The quality will be raised when the story is finished. "What is real and what isn't? Are we even real, in this infinite universe? My name is Yuu Minamoto and I'm a scientist. I was a scientist. I will be a scientist. It all depends when you read this text. Is the flow of time really unstoppable? Is the universe really infinite? Are our lives really less worth than a grain of sand? You may call me mad or a genius, but I'm
  7. Only few were updated, but still happy since Dangaronpa 2 is been worked on
  8. I wonder why they put AAI2 on the list so late. It has been making progress for years (finished both cases last month)
  9. Nonononoki

    Toradora! Portable

    Actually, I use PRO-B10 and it still crashes
  10. Nonononoki

    Toradora! Portable

    Attention: Play at your own risk. The game WILL crash, but not just the game - the PSP system will crash too. Damage may be permanent.
  11. OMG - Toradora! I'm very exited since I haven't watched the anime I see that Irotoridori no Sekai hasn't been making progress... for months xD
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