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  1. The thing is, most of the maledom vns are made to inmerse the male reader in the body of the protagonist. And because of that, most of the protagonists don't have a defined face or defined physical characteristics. (Conquering the queen being an exception) Also, welcome to the hell known as waiting until your favorite vn is translated. Wich can last from a few months to forever. (In some cases, it gets translated, but some assholes *cough* Mangagamer *cough* get the rights to the series and the project has to be cancelled. Yeah, I'm still salty about the Rance translations)
  2. I can confirm, but the Rance series doesn't have the lengthy kind of rape that Conquering the Queen has. And almost all the time, the girls he ends up raping end up as part of his harem...
  3. 1- I'm not too much into otome games/VNs but the first place I would search would be the visual novel database, you can find almost all kind of things searching with tags (Also, here every otome game is labeled with (otome) on their title if you go to the english games list) https://vndb.org/ - Main page https://vndb.org/v4597 Storm Lover page (Search the tags and you'll probably find something) 2- Not as far as I know, I haven't heard of any 3- Maybe https://erogegames.com/hypno-training-my-mother-sister-595/ (A little short) Or : https://erogegames.com/miss-leet-prison-love-potion-
  4. http://0.media.dorkly.cvcdn.com/20/73/90d144c119251889319ebc533f7ba0bb.gif
  5. wtf was that ? It was really good, but I have to wonder the source of inspiration for that song. This is a study in E minor called "Las Abejas" by Agustin Barrios, played by one of my favourite guitarist, Cesar Amaro (May He rest in peace).
  6. Sofie was the worst, altough those loli twins that where in her route weren't that bad...
  7. Light Novels : Doulou Dalou, Doupo Cangquiong and Shen Yin Wang Zou Mangas : Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru Manhwa : Red Storm
  8. 19-20 Sorry folks, I just like to watch
  9. Just realized that it's a PlayStation game, you'll need an emulator to run it.
  10. I searched for the .exe file or something similar, but I didn't find anything
  11. Come on guys, I have Linux. Pleaseeee ? Regarding your problem, try to use some download managers like Jkdownloader. And if that doesn't work, then I can't really think of anything else. Good Luck.
  12. It's definitely not Windows 8, I have Windows 8 x64 and it works fine for me ( don't kill me ulti, I also have Linux....)
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